Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Last week, I went to SK Pelagat, Besut, Terengganu for School Based Experience (SBE). It was my third experience and the school is just near to my house. I had been there for only a week and doing the task with my friend from IPGK Kota Bharu and IPGK Bahasa Antarabangsa. For information, the school was opened in 2004 and only has 326 students and 33 teachers.

I can say that I like the school very much because all the teachers are very kind and welcoming the new teacher. The students also respect all the teachers including me although I only spent a week there. The teachers also gave good cooperation when I want to observe their class. For my SBE task, I need to observe the teacher who teach Pendidikan Jasmani and see whether they teach the subject according to the lesson plan or not. Based on my observing, the teachers are very creative in attracting the student’s to pay attention to the learning process as they use music and play games with the students.

I don’t have the chance to meet the headmaster because he had a course as he is a new headmaster there. So, I have the briefing about the school from the senior assistant teacher. He gave good advices to me as a trainee teacher such as a teacher need to have passion in the career because without loving the career, a teacher can’t teach well. He said that a good teacher also needs to have a lot of knowledge and know everything as students nowadays are very advanced. He also advised me to have a good relationship with the teachers and students at the school. I will remember what he said as it really motivated me.

            During the SBE, I was given a chance to relief the a few class including the pre-school students. It was a valuable experience for me as during the second SBE, I don’t get this chance. On the fourth day there, I need to relief the pre-school class. I will not forget the moment when handling all the students. As usual the pre-school students are very active and it was to control them. One of the students is a hyperactive student and she is a girl. Usually the boys are hyperactive but this time, it is not. She always disturbed her friends and did not seat at her own place. When I ask her to colour her book, she did not do that and even smeared her friend’s book. Although I ask her to sit at her own place, she did not do that and still disturb her friends. When she disturbed her friends, most of them will not pay attention to what I say and start to quarrel with the girl. I even almost lost my voice because I need to increase my volume in order to make the students listen to me. After the class ended, I ask her teacher about her. She said that the father’s girl spoiled her and did not scold her even though she did wrong. This should happen because the girl will lose respect to other people and do anything that she want although it is wrong. I really respect that teacher as she can control the class well from the morning until afternoon without changing the teacher even though the students are hyperactive. I myself still not have great patience like her.

From the experience, I learn that a teacher needs to be more patient and know how to control the emotions. I also learn that a teacher needs to control the class very well so that the students will listen to the instruction and pay attention to the learning process. I hope that I have another chance to go to that school again. Lastly, there a lot of things that I need to learn to be a good teacher and a teacher should always try to change for good.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How to be a good teacher????

A teacher is a person who gives and share knowledge with other person. All of us can be a teacher as long we share our knowledge with other person even though it is small thing like playing game. Teacher is not just teaching subject in the class but also act as a parent for the student. So the teacher must have good characteristics to be an effective teacher. What are those characteristics?
Being a good communicator is the most important characteristic that every teacher should have because without good communication you can’t control the students. Students will not listen to what the teacher say if he has a bad communication skills. The good teacher should be able to explain the knowledge clearly and attract them to listen to him. If he has good communication skill, the students will easily understand the knowledge and can do well in the examination. Sometime the student will not respect the teacher who has bad communication skill.
Another characteristic is the teacher should be fair with his profession and all the students in accessing their performance, instead of personal relationships and likings. The teacher should not bias with the students even though they are naughty. Each student in the school would love to learn if they get their teacher attention and love. Some students are naughty as they want to attract the teacher to pay more attention to them. Teacher should not only focus on the excellent students but also pay more attention to the problematic students.
The third characteristic of a teacher is caring. A teacher should be a caring person. It is because without love, you can’t teach well and also can’t control your emotions. If the teacher is a caring person, the students also will show their love towards the teacher. As the result, they will be good student and both of them will have a good relationship. Although teacher needs to be a caring person towards the students, sometimes he should be strict in a certain thing. A caring teacher can control their emotions and not be a fierce teacher that most students hate. Students will listen to what caring teacher say with their desire and it is different with the fierce teacher as students only follow their instructions because they are afraid of the teacher.
In the nut shell, all teachers must have those characteristics to be an effective teacher. If they still don’t have those characteristics, they must change for their own good and the students. Lastly, try to be a good friend to the students. 

Monday, 27 February 2012

miss her!!!

women in black!!!

a few days ago, she sent a email of her photo there,,,
she went to the zoo,,
i can see that she is happy with her new life,,
good luck in achieving your dream sis..

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lovely Reminder!!

My friend share something with me today. (thanks mirah) 
She got it from Wardina Safiyyah's fb ( her fb)



Assalamualaikum and hi 
I choose to talk about DRUGS,,
why???do you have experienced with it or person taking drugs????
NO!!!!of course no!!!!
 i think this topic is quite interesting to talk...
from my reading and what can I see around me youths easily get involve with drugs...
why this happen???
i think people take drug because they believe it can reduce their problems and give energy to them,, 
this is wrong because taking drug did not reduce our problem but only make us forgot about it for a period of time, at the end drug will only give bad effect to their health.
There are some people take drug because they are curious about its taste and want to it a little but at the end they become addicted with. This always happen because of peer influence.
Many people get depressed and lonely afterward and start feeling sick. Also, it is common for people who use drugs to seem confused, have red eyes, sweat a lot and not care about their physical appearance.
They also will get a lot of dangerous disease like AIDS.( scary right)
Instead of taking drug to forget the problems, they should try to solve them because every problem in this world has a solution, and it depend on the person how to solve it as each person have their own way and thinking. As for me, after we have try our best to solve our problem, we should pray to our GOD (as a Muslim we should pray to ALLAH). 
back to the drug.....
I have seen a lot of people from the movie that I watch who take take drugs did not have a happy life. They did a lot of bad things in order to buy the drugs such as killing and stealing. They even to that to their own family. There is no love in them anymore and did not what happen to their family as long as they get money to buy drugs. There are a lot of news that told us about this story.  Let see some picture that I found from the internet about drugs.

Think before you do something

Drugs will not only hurt you but the whole family. Many people will get the effect from what we have done if we take drug. Do you think that our family like to see one of our family take drugs and being hurt???No, right.  So please think properly before doing something or making a decision. We need to think about others too as we are not alone in this world. There are still in this world that love us although we have a wrong thing.

do you to be like this????

or  this???please think.

Lastly, this are a few example of drugs.

Think before you do something. Live your life beautifully till die.


Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Assalamualaikum and hi
who is that person???can anyone tell???
Kevin is
one of the main character in the story "Kevin" written by Catherine Lim. I would like to share my personal response about the story.

Based on the short story “Kevin” written by Catherine Lim, I would like to talk about the main characters which are Kevin and his mother. From my point of view, Kevin is an obedient son and will do what his mother wants although he did not like it as long he did not get scolded by his mother. He needs to get 95 per cent and above in all his test or else he will be punished. He cannot express his feeling and desire really well because his mother doesn’t even want to listen to what he wants to say. In my opinion, he will not know how to make his decision by himself in the future. It is because his mother makes all the decision for him all the time. He also did not how to express his love as his mother did not really show her love towards Kevin. We can see that Kevin even feels happy when hearing about his mother’s illness. I think it is a bad attitude and although his mother is not being nice with him, at least he should concern about his mother. She is still his mother although she had been a little bit cruel towards Kevin.
Kevin’s mother is very strict and a perfectionist person. She also does not tolerant with Kevin’s mistakes and always compares his mark with others. However there is some part in Kevin’s mother that I like which is her concern about his son performance in his study. But I think his mother should tolerate with Kevin and give him chances to make own decision. Sometime we need to be assertive but not for all the time. In this case, if we being tolerate with others, they will show respects towards us instead of being afraid of us. I think the mother should change her attitude and be more tolerate with his son. Kevin’s mother should not compare his son with others because everyone has their own ability. Instead of comparing the marks, she should praise her son works. This will give Kevin a good motivation to do the best in the next test. He will do it just because he want it and not because afraid of his mother.
Lastly, what I want to say is everyone makes mistakes in their life. Kevin should not judge his mother as a bad person at all and should concern about his mother. We only have one mother for the whole life so please appreciate them.

I drew back what Kevin had drawn when he was bored..

note: every person in this world has their own perspective about something and we should appreciate the variety

Drover's Life!!

Assalamualaikum and hi,,
I would like to share my ELE lesson about the problems faced by a drover and how he overcome the problems. 
(i hope you will enjoy reading the summary)

The drovers had to overcome the problem of the long distances. He needs to provide sufficient for the cattle, if not he need to rely on food found along the route. He had to ride ahead on horseback to check the cattle and redirecting them along the right track. The cattle also might stray into private land. He had to look-out for farms on their route and blow a horn to warn the farmers of his approach. Problems occur when the farmer’s own cattle get mixed up with the travelling herd. Drovers need to sort them and might get involve into quarrels with the ownership. Cattle also are easily frightened by loud noises. He might spend many hours to calm and reassemble those cattle if they got frightened by the noises. He also needs to cope with the robbers which attack for money or cattle. He need to have good knowledge about the cattle and must not overdrive them.